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You know what, I’m restarting this blog. Going to clean it up a little, do a reboot, and send my followers from my other blogs over here.

To my old followers: Thank you so much for staying this whole time, even when I was away and never doing anything.


To new followers:


I’ll be getting more gifs in the process of the clean up/reboot. Just hold on for a little while.

This is my decision. The link to the blog is right there. I’d really appreciate if you could follow me, and make him feel welcome.

I’m thinking about starting a new rp blog for a different character (I’ll be saving this URL in case I come back). Any suggestions as to who I should rp as? I really miss having a full on rp blog, and I kind of need to slip away from real life right now.

So, who do you think I should be? All votes will be taken under consideration. If you don’t vote, I can’t know what you think. Tell me what you think.

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